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Parents Pay Page

How to pay for a review:

Typically a student just pays at our door with cash, or card.

Additionally, a parent (or anyone) can pre-pay for a student using the blue payment button below. Then we print out that paid invoice and place it in a box at our check-in table. Most of our workshops are $89.99 but a few of our mini-reviews are $49.99.


When a student arrives, they show their identification card (drivers license, etc.) at our front desk and we will pull the paid invoice from the box. The student signs the paper and receives a receipt and an admittance card and sits down at an available seat. If the prepaid workshop doesn't get used (the student doesn't show, etc.) that prepaid workshop can be used for another review OR we will issue a refund at your request... not a problem at all. Please call 619-589-9900 (during office hours, afternoons when SDSU is in session) OR email us anytime at


However, once a student attends our workshop, we offer no refund after that time. 

Put your email address in the payment details area if possible, to get a receipt auto-sent back to you, if desired. You can then send that paid receipt on to the student. But most importantly, we have a copy of the paid receipt at our check-in table!



STEP2: Click on RED BUTTON to send our front desk a message in the message box about the payment from above: List the 1. Purchaser's name, 2. Student's name, 3. Class and Prof review is for (if known). Our office people will then staple together the payment and the student/class info at our front desk in a binder. Then student just shows ID at front desk. That's it! Thanks. Call 619.589.9900 in afternoons with any questions. FYI... what is happening here is that both the payment paper and student info go to the same email address and those emails will be next to each other. The payment button does not allow that extra student info to be be entered sadly. So we use two steps. Step2 is optional as the payment paper has the purchaser's name on it.

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