Parents Pay Page

How to pay for a review: Typically a student can just pay at the door with cash, check, or card. Additionally, a parent (or anyone) can pre-pay for a student using the drop-down buttons below. Then we  print out that paid invoice and place it in a box at our check-in table. When a student arrives, they show their identification card (drivers license, etc.) and we will pull the paid invoice from the box. The student signs the paper and receives a receipt and an admittance card and sits down at an available seat. If a paypal doesn't get used (the student doesn't show) that Paypal paper can be used for another review OR we will issue a refund... not a problem at all. However, once a student attends our workshop, we offer no refund after that time. On our HOME page are text boxes. Send us a message in those boxes and that goes directly to our email. The staff is in on Mon-Thur afternoons to respond to all those emails! Thank you!