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How to pay for a review:

Typically a student just pays at our door with cash, card ApplePay, etc..

Additionally, a parent (or anyone) can pre-pay for a student using the yellow payment button below. Then we print out that paid invoice and place it in a box at our check-in table. Our workshops are $89.99.


When a pre-paid student arrives, they show their identification card (drivers license, etc.) at our front desk and we will pull the paid invoice from our PayPal box. The student signs the paper and receives a receipt and an admittance card and sits down at an available seat. If the prepaid workshop doesn't get used (the student doesn't show, etc.) that prepaid workshop can be used for another review OR we will issue a refund at your request... not a problem at all. Please call 619-589-9900 (during office hours, afternoons when SDSU is in session) OR email us anytime at


However, once a student attends our workshop, we offer no refund after that time. 

Use the PayPal Button Below

PLEASE READ: no PayPal account is needed, PayPal just "processes" your credit or debit card; however, PayPal desperately tries to get people to "make an account"... but no account is needed! You should just "Check Out as a Guest" with NO login used at all. Please review the screenshots below to easily  "Check Out as a Guest" and not have to make any PayPal account at all. REVIEW THE SCREEN SHOTS BELOW. Note: after making payment you will receive an email receipt from PayPal. Send a screenshot of that to your student if you like so they have record of payment. Call with any questions. Your child is in good hands at A+ Review. We specialize in preparing SDSU students for their exams. Over 100,000 SDSU students served!

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