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  Accounting Courses Spring 2024  

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The Great Dr. Charles W. Lamden:

From Mike. Look at the top of your syllabus. You will see the name Dr. Charles W. Lamden. I had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Lamden for many years on a personal level and he was certainly an inspiration. I can tell you this: Dr. Lamden was VERY optimistic and VERY helpful to students. He would make comments like '... a 4.0, a 3.0, a 2.0... don't worry about that right now! Everyone just focus on doing the very best that they can in this class. It will all work out in the end." and comments like '...

there's not a single path in life and that you don't necessarily need to pursue a career where the main goal is to rise up a corporate ladder. While that is great for many, perhaps you just want to have your own firm, or work in your parent's business.' He would say that there is no sense being in a job that you do not like. Pursue happiness, do your VERY best, the money will follow.

The point is that he would always have a smile and a POSITIVE outlook and would encourage ALL students to just do their best and not worry so much. There would NOT be an A+ Review if it was not for Dr. Lamden. That is just the fact. I guess I would still be doing tax somewhere in a cubical and not be too happy overall with that. Instead we get to have a blast here at A+,  helping everyone we possibly can.

Image by Helena Lopes

So... in the spirit of Dr. Lamden STAY POSITIVE... just do the best you can in the here and now and don't worry so much about what is to come. STAY POSITIVE, do your very best, it WILL work out for you! That is the spirit of Dr. Lamden and should be the guiding light of the SDSU School of Accountancy you would think...

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