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Dear Parents,

Congratulations on raising your child and sending them off to San Diego State University! It was probably a tough few years for you, getting your child through the high school years and into SDSU. But you did it! Great News. However, your task is not yet complete! Now you need to make sure your child graduates college, and heads into the work force! You are almost there!

You may ask yourself "Why should my son or daughter attend the A+ Review exam-cram workshops?"

Please read the following:

Here are reasons why your child should attend the A+ Review workshops:

1. There is currently a PROBLEM affecting universities all across our great nation. Many 18 year olds are not making it through their first year of college! There have been MANY papers written with theories explaining this phenomenon. The opiod epidemic is certainly one factor (through parts of the midwest and other places) although our understanding is that SDSU does NOT have a significant opiod problem even though SDSU is only 30 miles from the Mexican border. However, some of the other factors are alcohol related, drug related and one primary reason is simply some freshmen are NOT emotionally ready for college at 18 yrs old. (nothing to be embarrassed about, just not ready for hard-core studying at 18 yrs old... may need one more year off before heading to college, understandable). 

One interesting factor we read is those students who were hand-holded through high-school have a greater chance of not making it through their first year.

All across this nation universities are currently working on solutions including offering a gap year opportunity, and providing more mentors and more support for incoming freshmen. A+ Review has hundreds of freshmen per semester come through our exam-prep workshops and we have an EXCELLENT record of success. We get our students OUT of their dorms and apartments and into our intensive workshops, where we slowly review the exam material in a professional manner. We also teach good study skills and motivate our freshmen to stay focused and their eye on the goal of graduation! We are dedicated to helping SDSU students succeed. That is our mission. MANY parents have thanked us over the years for helping keep their students motivated and prepared. MANY SDSU students themselves thank us at the end of their senior year for helping them not only "get through college" but achieve high grades. We are honored to be a part of the solution to helping freshmen achieve success!

Here are some heartbreaking articles on the subject if you dare to read them:

2. The large California State Universities operate on the Bell Curve system whereby a significant percentage of the class receives C's D's and F's in the class. The system may be stacked against your child from the start. Also, SDSU now has many large lecture halls seating up to 300 students in ONE classroom. Crazy. The prof reads Powerpoint slides as best they can, as the class sits and stares. Suddenly the exam approaches and students are sometimes not prepared. USC costs over $70,000 per year. SDSU is much cheaper but the class sizes can be large. It really is worth a couple of hundred dollars per semester to admit your child into our typically SMALL low-cost group learning workshops. We are EXPERTS in helping students prepare for their exams. Why not take advantage of that opportunity? Soon your student will be looking for a job. GPA matters. Help you child get into our amazing exam-cram reviews. It will be well worth it when your child is able to find a job and not have to move into you basement.

3. There are student organizations on and around campus that help their members (collude) in various ways to score higher on the exams. Once again, the system may be stacked against your child. In addition, some students are repeating the class, giving them an advantage over your child.

4. A+ Review, for a very small fee, conducts 5 to 6 hour professional exam reviews offering your child access to the very best possible exam preparation. Our top instructor we believe has taught more SDSU students than anyone in the history of SDSU. Our other two instructors have taught thousands of SDSU students as well. Our instructors are EXTREME experts on the material A to Z, and have a unique ability to dumb down the material and spoon feed it. We don't use part-time tutors. We use three high-level experts (Walter, Sarah, and Mike) (along with a support staff of SDSU college gals and boys) that work full-time, assisting SDSU students to prepare for their exams. Your child is in good hands with A+ Review. Our top goal is to generate a high score for your child. PERIOD.

5. Admittance to Graduate Schools, Medical Schools, and Law Schools is tougher now. Your child will have more options later by attending A+ Review and scoring higher on their exams. Employers are looking at GPAs. You would like to see your child graduate SDSU and enter the workforce on a strong foot. A+ Review clearly is helping to increase exam grades and GPAs for our students.

6. SHOCK: Nearly 40% of SDSU freshmen do not graduate SDSU after 4 years! That information is directly on the SDSU website. (search Graduation Rates on the SDSU website and see for yourself.) Freshmen and Sophomores have a lot on their plate these days. By going to A+ Review, your student stays focused on the most important activity of college: Scoring High in their classes, and staying on to graduate SDSU with a high GPA.

7. The types of students that go to A+ Review are the cream of the crop, dedicated to earning high marks in school. Your student will thus be surrounded by other top students and our high-quality instructors and staff. By scoring higher on their exams your student will have more confidence and less anxiety. We teach students HOW to study, learn, and how to score high on their exams. We are exam experts.

8. Our fees are very low when compared to Princeton Review, Kaplan, private tutoring ($30 to $60 per hour!), etc. In addition, many of our students pay using their parent-issued credit card or credit card number or have their parents pay directly on our website (see Parents Pay page). We have been in business over 20 years and we receive continual thank you cards from parents. We have helped thousands of SDSU students, our reputation is SOLID.

9. We offer baked pizza and healthy snacks, all included with our review. So, you can rest assured your child will be eating properly. 

10. If you have any questions, please call our staff Mon-Thur 1pm-5pm at 619.589.9900 during the regular semester. Or even better, send us a message from our HOME page text box. That goes directly to our email system. In the Summer we are only in the office once in a while so send us a message from the HOME page in the Summer.

Your children grow up so fast!

Make sure your children are scoring high on their exams

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