Acctg 201 Fall 2021   

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ACCTG 201 Deboskey

Summer Session Exam #3 workshop:

Late June if small group interested

INCLUDES: chp9 HW, chp10 HW, chp11 HW, chp12 HW, the extra-credit, and the complete Cycle Project #3. Yup. Also incudes our amazing exam-cram for the exam #3, explaining the types of Q's you will likely see and how to solve them. Bring you laptop and a hot-spot... Bring you calculator. We will get it ALL done perfectly by the time you leave. Max points to bring you up to an A or B. Send us your info above if you are interested. We have had over 100,000 SDSU students attend our workshops! You are in good hands. Just get in here ... no more fkg around. If we get at least a handful of people we will do this review. Join us!

6784 El Cajon Blvd. Suite K. San Diego, 92115

Get... into.... this... review! No more bulshite! Otherwise just repeat the class in the fall.

MORE Fall 2021

We are experts at helping people get the highest possible scores in this class. EMAIL us in the boxes at the top of this page so we can add you to the exam list.

We know how to do every Debo quiz/exam question backwards and forwards and we can greatly assist you in scoring high this semester. Join us. We also assist on the Cycle Projects!

MORE: The ONLY thing that matters is that our students score in the top of the class, (which they do). The ONLY way to ensure this is for our students to PERFECTLY understand the exam info, A-Z. Then, look over everything a little bit more prior to the exam. THEN nail the exam. Then call your parents with the good news, throw a party, and celebrate. If you 100% MUST score high on this exam... get into this perfect exam-cram A to Z workshop. We have a notetaker in each section and one of our office gals is in one of the sections as well. We will perfectly cover exactly what Debo (and T/As) say is on the exam. Hope to see you there.

Please reserve for this workshop. Thanks.

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Join us for our excellent exam-cram workshop for your exam.

General Info: We will dumb down this exam material to the dumbest possible degree and spoon feed it all to you... YOU will then learn this exam material to a very high level, then you simply walk into the exam and shred it. As unprepared students are crying as they walk out of the exam, you can high-five people on the way out, then head to a huge party to celebrate. Call your parents with the good news. NOTE: 40% to 50% of 201 students get C's, D's, and F's in this class. Many have to repeat this class. Do NOT settle for that nonsense. Get into our reviews, learn the material to a very high level, score high on the exam, and move on with your life... The reason our students consistently score high on the Debo 201 exams is because our students UNDERSTAND the concepts and problems to a VERY high level (they don't just memorize useless info like other students). Then, no matter what the exam looks like, our students score in the top of the class. When you truly understand the exam material, the exam becomes easy. 


(Please Reserve) WARNING: Do NOT ask Debo (or TA's) about A+ Review... we have heard from many students that he is NOT a fan of the #1 tutoring center in San Diego! "Hi! I went to Debo's office and asked him about A+ Review and he said this!" OMG, that's awful!. Look, just come in to our workshop, learn everything perfectly, shred the class and move on with your life.

From Mike...                            

Hi from Mike: When I taught Accounting at SDSU I received the HIGHEST teacher-evaluations in the entire department. Now I have taught more SDSU students than anyone in the history of SDSU. Fun fact. The only hard part was the university mandate of generating an approximate C+/B- average for the class. That part was upsetting... (trying to figure out a way for the much of the class to get C's, D's, and F's). But NOW I get to teach students how to get an "A" in the class. Period. ALL of my students. ITS MUCH MUCH MORE FUN TO HELP STUDENTS SCORE AS HIGH AS POSSIBLE and not worry about having to generate a C+/B- average for the class!!! Hope to see you at A+ Review.