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 Econ 101 Spring 2024 

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We keep a texting list for each class and teacher. A few times per semester we send out a text regarding when our exam review is and occasionally other info such as extra exam questions, etc. Join our text list by sending us your info above. All info is kept private and at the end of the semester, we simply delete all text lists.

Over 1,000 SDSU students take Economics 101. Around 50% of students will receive C's, D's, and F's. That is the fact. Don't settle for that nonsense. Get into our famous A+ Reviews and get an A in this class. Walter is an expert at Econ and will teach you everything you need to know to score high on the exam. We dumb down the exam material. You will love these Econ 101 reviews.

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Econ 101 Cullivan

Ex2 exam-cram workshop:

Sunday, March 10th, 5pm to 10:30, $99

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Hope you can make it! Join us for this outstanding exam-cram workshop! We get results! Hope you can join us. No reservation needed. Just pay at the door. 

NO Powerpoint bulshite! Just exam question exam-cram! Our exam-cram workshops before your exam are incredible. We cover his exam material PERFECTLY. Do NOT miss this exam-cram workshop! Get over here before your exam and get properly prepared for your exam. We have had over 150,000 SDSU students come through here over the years! We do NOT cut corners... our students LEARN the exam material to a very high level.

Have your parents pay on this site, or just pay at the door.

FYI: Some kids have their parents pay for this review. To have your parents (or anyone) prepay use the button on our Parents Pay page. You can also just pay at the door with credit/debit card or cash.

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Econ 101 Prado-Lopez

Exam-Cram Exam #2:

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Send us your cell # above for our class texting  Join us for this outstanding exam-cram workshop. We get results! Hope you can join us.

NO POWERPOINT bulshite... just exam-cram exam questions, perfectly explained on our giant whiteboards. Don't take chances. Get into this review! We will be covering all her exam favorites! We have served over 150,000 SDSU students! We are exam-cram experts. Just pay "at the door" but make a reservation at top of this page (if possible) so we know approximately how many will be showing up. Otherwise just show-up and pay at the door. Our address is 6784 El Cajon Blvd. (half a mile east of campus, just past Ralphs and across street from Bank of America! We have a gorgeous air-conditioned facility.

FYI: Some kids have their parents pay for this review. To have your parents (or anyone) go to our PARENTS PAY NOW page. You can also just pay at the door with credit/debit card or cash.

MORE: We will be going over TONS of exam questions and spoon feeding our VIP exam-cram group, how to solve each one... going over lots of econ graphs and exam questions along with tons of exam concepts. JOIN US!! Will be fun and effective. (We have had over 150,000 SDSU students come through A+ Review! We are really good at exam-cram workshops... it's what we do! Try us out. Hope to see you there!)

M. Hilmer ONLINE:

Exam VIP appointments (call us)

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Call our office and ask about our VIP exam-cram for this exam. Call now. We are in our office 1pm-8pm Mon to Fri.


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