Finance 327 Fall 2021

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Finance 327 is a fascinating subject, we love investment theory (and you will too)! Last semester we had requests from students struggling with this class to do reviews and we listened. We know this subject inside and out and we will get you through it: slam dunk!


FIN 327 Lachance 

Exam #3 Super-Review: Wed, Dec. 8th

9am-12:30pm, $89

All set... see you there. We have great tools ready to go for you!

We are major experts on LaChance's 327 material and exams! Trust us to get you ready. We will cover all the various concepts and problems that you need to know for the exam. Get into this review where we will dumb down the exam material to the dumbest possible degree and spoon feed it all to you. Includes all food, drink, materials, and 100% amazing live instruction. Please make a reservation in the boxes above. See you there!

FIN 327 Birchmeier

Exam #3 Super-Review:

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