Math 120 Fall 2022   

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FYI: Our favorite i-phone APPS for solving the Homework is either PhotoMATH or MathWAY... but we prefer MathWAY. That one seems to solve the HW problems in less than 5 seconds... the other one seems to take 8 seconds or more... which is way too long for each problem! Make sure you get perfect scores on the homework, THEN get in here for the exam-crams and get yourself an "A" in this class... "easy" money.


Also SYMBOLAB dot com works very well (Go to Solutions, Calculus, First Derivative, etc.) Symbolab works better later in the semester as it has better graphs than MathWay although MATHWAY is getting better ever since Chegg bought it.


Math 120 Manchester

Exam #3 exam-cram: Wednesday, Nov. 30th

4pm-9:30pm, $89

... our exam-cram reviews for his exams are literally perfect. Hope you can join us.


SPRING: Our VIP group "NAILED" exam #1 & 2. Yup. Ask around. They were very prepared for those exam questions. Learned everything perfectly and nailed the exam. Join our texting list for this class by sending your info in the above text boxes (goes directly to our email).

Anybody can get a 65, 70, 75, on these exams... but our people get high 90's and 100's.  GET YOUR HOMEWORK done with MathWay or PhotoMATH (UPDATE: many kids prefer PhotoMATH over MathWay these days)! Keep up with it, then get in here for the exam-crams... and you will be SET! This material is E A S Y with us.  fkg money... Get an "A" on your transcript for Math120. Period. Reserve please if possible.


FYI: Some students have their parents pay for this review. To have your parents (or anyone) prepay visit our ParentsPay page. You can also pay at the door with credit/debit card or cash.

MORE General Info: We will present all the exam material to you and dumb it all down. Excellent review. We have helped people with Manchester exams for almost 20 years! Crazy! We will dumb down for you everything you are supposed to know for this midterm. We will perfectly cover everything CM says will be on this exam. Hope you can make it. The only thing that matters is that our students take the highest scores in the class. Period. And this is what we do all semester long and why we are the #1 college based exam-prep in San Diego. Join our fun group. Please make a reservation in the boxes at the top of this page.

Math 120 Giles

Final Exam Super-review: Check back...

We love this class... and our exam-cram for this Giles exam  GETS RESULTS! Join us... then walk into the exam and shred it. Slam dunk.

(just pay at the door) This exam-cram workshop is for those students who MUST get an "A" on this exam... Nothing else will do. Join our small VIP group and get yourself 100% ready for this exam. Perfect scores are the only thing that matters. Ask around... our exam-cram workshops are EFFECTIVE. We slowly go through each step on how to solve exam question. Join us. See you there.

(Last semester our small VIP group came in for each and every exam and most got an "A" in the class. The key is using the MathWay app (and a few other ones, some kids prefer PhotoMATH app) to easily solve all the homework super fast, in seconds. BUT... the exams are slightly tricky. Send us your info, join our texting list, and join us this semester for the exams. An "A" on your transcript will be SOLID... join us.)


FYI: Some kids have their parents pay for this review. To have your parents (or anyone) prepay use our Parents Pay button. You can also pay at the door with credit/debit card or cash.

MORE, General Info: We will dumb it all down for you! We are complete experts on this exam material! We know how to do every problem backwards and forwards. The absolute most important thing is that our students score the highest in the class. We achieve this regularly by elevating our students to a higher level of understanding of the exam material. We are here to help you. Please make a reservation in the boxes at the top of this page.