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 BA 370 Spring 2024 

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We keep a texting list for each class and teacher. A few times per semester we send out a text regarding when our exam review is and occasionally other info such as extra exam questions, etc. Join our text list by sending us your info above. All info is kept private and at the end of the semester, we simply delete all text lists.


BA 370 Olson

Exam1: Nothing for #1, good luck

Send us your cell number to join our Olson Texting list.

Join us for outstanding exam-cram workshops this semester! We get results! Hope you can join us.

WARNING: Olson exams are tough! But we will get you all sorted out at our exam-cram workshop! DO NOT MISS... the exam average is typically in the 60's. Do not mess around. This review is UPDATED for her latest and greatest exam favorites. Do NOT miss. 

WARNING: Please do not ask L. Olson about A+ Review. We are a private VIP exam-prep service and we are not affiliated with Olson. Do not upset her!! There was an incident a year or two ago. Someone asked her about A+ Review during her lecture... the result was chaos. If you MUST score high on this exam, get into this review. We will systematically go through all the exam material she wants you to know. This will be our best review of the three. Hope you can make it.

We will cover all the most important topics and concepts you need to know for the exam (as defined by Olson) and explain each one. Hope to see you there. She has added LOTS of new material and stories but we are on it. We will dumb it all down for you, explain it and focus on the most important exam topics. Do NOT mess around. We are experts on getting students prepared for her exams!


WARNING: Olson's exams are extremely challenging. Don't fall into her trap like many students have done in the past. If you want to score high and get one of the top grades in the class don't miss our reviews. Many questions have an answer choice that seems obvious... but that's the wrong answer. This is what explains the very LOW exam averages. But OUR students are trained to look for trick answer choices and find the correct answer choice. 


Don't forget to join our text list (name, phone number, professor) at the top of this page so we know how much food to get.

"I got an A on all three Olson exams after your reviews!" -Fall 2021 Student


"Without your Exam #1 review I would have FAILED the exam. Can't wait for the next review!" -Spring 2020 Student


"I got A's on all my exams! Thanks, you're the best!" -Harry Spring 2020


"Thanks for your reviews, you helped me get an A in Olson's class" - Fall 2021 student.

GAFFEN: this is nonsense! As you know! That's why the waiting list is so long for this class. No exam-crams since everyone already seem to have all the exams! Good Luck (Our CourseStar database is "behind" on loading all these questions, will be a few more months, sadly)


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