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FIN 321 Andreev

Exam #2 Super Review: Monday Nov. 2nd, 11am-4:30pm, $89.

Finance 321 is an incredibly hard class. But over the years we have had tons of success in preparing our students to score high on these exams. We keep improving these reviews to make them even better. We are constantly coming up with new shortcuts and tricks to simplify the complex ideas throughout this course. You will LOVE this review. Don't miss it.

FIN 321 Probst

Final Exam Super-Review: Check back!

We have been covering Probst exams for many years. We are EXPERTS in Fin321. We will cover all his favorites and everything you are supposed to know for his exam. You will be in good hands, you do not want to miss this excellent review! Hope to see you there.

FIN 321 Juneja

Exam #1: Check back for review date.


We are experts in FIN321. We will be covering all his exam favorites at this amazing exam-cram review. You may have heard that Junja is literally a joke compared to most 321 profs but you still need to score in the top of the class and Juneja has been slowly increasing the difficulty as he himself becomes more comfortable with the material. Juneja still follows the mandated bell-curve spread. Get into our amazing workshop and make sure you score in the top of the class. Make a reservation and join our texting list by filling out the boxes at the top of this page (First name, Cell Phone #).

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