Econ 102 Fall 2021 

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Econ 102 CT Hilmer

Exam 2: check back

So, what happened is that we had great difficulty getting the Hilmer Econ syllabus and exam dates. Freshmen are scared and not interested early in the semester generally. So this exam never made it on to our schedule. We JUST finally got the exam date for #1 but our calendar is completely full now (4 workshops Sunday, 4 workshops Monday... max capacity for us). But we now finally have the exam #2 Hilmer exam date so we will host an exam-cram workshop for that one! Remind us the week before. Good luck on exam #1... that's the easy exam. Hope to see you for #2.

MORE: We have covered her exams for over 10 years. Join us at our exam-cram workshops the night or two before your exam and get totally ready to score high. We cover her exam material. We are excellent! Join our texting list in the boxes above.

MORE: Walter (a complete expert on this exam material) will professionally prepare you on all concepts and calculations you need to know to score high on this exam! More importantly we know how to dumb down this exam material and spoon feed it to our students. Get in to this AWESOME review and crush this exam. FACT: we have helped hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of SDSU students score high on CT Hilmer exams. Ask around. Get into our exam-cram review and score high. Just show up and pay at the door. No worries. See you then. (your parents can pay for you on this website if you wish, otherwise just pay at the door...)

OTHER ECON102 Profs... we are just so busy this semester that we can only cover C.T. Hilmer exams! Good luck.