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   Stat 119 Spring 2024  

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We keep a texting list for each class and teacher. A few times per semester we send out a text regarding when our exam review is and occasionally other info such as extra exam questions, etc. Join our text list by sending us your info above. All info is kept private and at the end of the semester, we simply delete all text lists.



Over 1,000 SDSU students take Statistics 119. Around 40% of students will receive C's, D's, and F's. That is the fact. Don't settle for that nonsense. Get into our famous A+ Reviews and get an A in this class.

Our lead instructor Mike, dumbs down this material to the dumbest possible degree and spoon feeds you. Our students shred this class. Bring your TI83 or 84 and we will show you everything you need to know. 


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We have incredible exam-crams this semester that get our group perfect scores on every exam. AND this million-dollar homework helper blows-away Chegg, Quizlet, and CourseHero. Super-fast perfect scores on the homework AND the quizzes in 29min or less. Still using Chegg? WHY? TRY IT! Solve your MyStatLab in 10 minutes or less. Yup. Read that sentence again!

Get on-board with us this semester! Send us your cell number above so we can text you. Perfect scores on the homework, quizzes, and exams. Over 100,000 SDSU students served over 25 years. We are the #1 college based tutoring center in California... and we are exclusively here at SDSU for you.

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Stats 119: Velado/Scott

Summer online

We are meeting with a handful of our regulars to help with online HW and exams. Send us your info in the textboxes above to jump on our list. Maybe we see you at some point.


Check out our Homework Helper Site we built from scratch right down the street from SDSU!... 10X better than Chegg! Being used all over the country now! Check it out... (Just log in with Google and try it!) 


MORE: Join our VIP group and get an easy "A" in this class!

Our exam-cram sessions help you get a perfect score on each exam. We make sure of it. Send us your info to get on our list and we hope to see you soon. Getting an "A" in Stats119 looks very good on your transcript. Hope to see you soon. Our students NAIL this class. Last semester EVERY one of our students got a B+ or A in this class. That's a FACT... we called them all and confirmed.

LOCATED at our tutoring facility (6784 El Cajon Blvd. East on Montezuma Rd. Just past Ralphs and across from Bank of America)

We are experts on the exams! (and online HWs, and online quizzes!)

We will cover ALL this exam material PERFECTLY to make sure you get a VERY high score on the exam. Period. Do NOT miss this workshop. It's literally perfect! New to SDSU? We have helped over 150,000 SDSU students! Ask around about us! (ask upper division students).

Make a reservation in the above boxes.


ALL STATS119 Homework and quizzes: Check out our Homework Helper Site we built from scratch right down the street from SDSU!... 10X better than Chegg! Being used all over the country now! Check it out... (Just log in with Google and try it!) 



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A+ Review Greatly Benefits the SDSU Community.


We Benefit Society by Striving to Increase Graduation Rates and to Keep Students in School.


1. With nearly 40% of SDSU Freshman not graduating SDSU after 4-years, A+ Review fights to help keep more of these students in school and graduating on time. That might save the State a ton of money. We get these students out of their dorm rooms and apartments and into our 6-hour super review where we get them ready for their exams.

2. We cost the SDSU University and the taxpayers nothing. We are unaffiliated with SDSU and are entirely self-funded.


3. Our tutoring rates are extremely low when compared to local tutors who charge $25 an hour, $40 an hour, sometimes $50 an hour, and we have seen $100 an hour. Our prorated hourly fee is around $12 an hour and includes materials, food, drinks, etc. We believe we offer a great value to the SDSU student community.


Please support our efforts to help students score high and excel at SDSU. Thank you!

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