BA 360 Fall 2022 

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No Powerpoint bulshite!

Just 5-star Exam-Cram, actual learning,  and number crunching! Join us.

BA360 Bolton

Quiz-Cram: Wed. 4pm-5:45pm, $39

This is for our hard-core regulars only... But we hope to see everyone else for our amazing EXAM #3 exam-cram workshop on Sunday, Dec. 18th. Don't miss that one.


Yes, of course we get all the class announcements. We log into Canvas regularly for this class... we are all set. Our VIP group will continue to dominate. Praying Bolton doesn't have more mistakes on the Dec. exam and last few quizzes. Bad quality hurts society in many many ways.

Our exam-cram workshops are fun and you will learn everything you need to score high on your exam. Just pay at the door. Hope to see you there.

Ba 360 Yang

Exam #4 Super-review: Check back...

We have covered Yang exams for 20years! and our reviews just keep getting better and better! Avoid the pain and get into this workshop! Hope to see you there! No Powerpoint bulshite... JUST perfect exam-cram prep for the top scores in the class! Just show up at 5pm (pay at the door like usual)

BA 360 Showghi 

Exam3 Super-review: Sunday, Dec 4th, check back for start time

Having covered Showghi for over 10 years, our exam-cram reviews are literally perfect. Yes, he can be tricky but do not worry. We have you covered! Hope to see you there!


SHOWGHI HOMEWORK: Check out our Homework Helper Site we built from scratch right down the street from SDSU!... 10X better than Chegg! Being used all over the country now! Check it out... (Just log in with Google and try it!)


We will cover EVERYTHING Showghi says is on his exam (he gives a good list) and ALL the favorites. We have several notetakers in there. Our notetakers are instructed to write down everything he says that is note worthy for the exam.

The SECRET to our success... our students LEARN the material to a very high level. Period. We do not cut corners.

MORE: We LOVE this class... and our students score super high. Join us for our exam-cram workshop AND an amazing million-dollar homework system (helps get your homework complete in 29min or less). Blows away Chegg! You still using old Chegg? Move to a better system.

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MORE: We are experts in preparing SDSU students for their BA360 exams. We have covered Showghi for around 10 years now (around 80 reviews completed for his exams so far and our reviews keep getting better and better). 

BA360 Raafat

Exam #3 check back...

We have covered Raafat exams since the 1990's! Our students nail these exams! DO NOT MISS our exam-cram reviews!!


RAFAAT HOMEWORK: Check out our Homework Helper Site we built from scratch right down the street from SDSU!... 10X better than Chegg! Being used all over the country now! Check it out... (Just log in with Google and try it!)


Our #1 top mission is to help our students achieve the highest possible scores on their exam. PERIOD. Our strategy to achieve this mission is to "perfectly" present the exam material at our exam-cram workshop so that our students are fully prepared. This review will be perfect. If you MUST score high on the exam... get into this review! See you there. 


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FYI: We will cover it all. Our exam-cram workshops get our students 100% ready for this exam. We cover exactly what he says you need to know for the exam. EXACTLY. We do not cut corners... our students learn the material to a very high level. 

"Got one of the highest grades on the second exam [for Rafaat] because of your review. Looking forward to the next one!" - Spring 2020 Student

Our students learn EVERYTHING perfectly and shred the Probett exams time and time again. Join us!