BA 360 Spring 2021 

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BA360 Yang 

Exam-Cram #3: Thurs. (3pm-7:45pm)., $89

Pls show ID at check-in desk.

Perfect scores is the mission. Dumbing down the material and spoon-feeding it to our group is our strategy to achieve the mission.  Our workshops for the ONLINE exams have never been better. We are ON it! JOIN US!!

MORE: After over 100 reviews for Yang exams... we know how to properly prep you for her tests.  Join us for our Yang exam super-reviews where we will dumb down all of the exam material to the dumbest possible degree and spoon feed it all to you... If you HAVE to score high in this Yang class, get in here.  We are EXTREME experts on this material.

COVID PROTOCOL: Temp check and questionnaire upon entry. Seating limited. Make a reservation in the boxes above! 

BA360 Probett

Exam-Cram #3: Check back!

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Warning: there is new types of material you need to know for this exam. We have been reviewing all her material. Our exam-cram workshops for this ONLINE exam are outstanding and have never been better! Do NOT mess around with it! Join us and get a super high score. Period. (We NAIL these exams). 

MORE: Reservation needed. Thx. This is exactly what you are looking for. We have her list... we have two notetakers in the class. We will cover her exam material perfectly and ALL her exam favorites and EVERYTHING she says to know for this exam. We are reviewing her Blackboard material. Hope to see you there. DO NOT miss our exam-cram review. We are experts on this material.

"Got one of the highest grades on the second exam [for Probett] because of your review. Looking forward to the next one!" - Spring 2020 Student

Our students learn EVERYTHING perfectly and shred the Probett exams time and time again. Join us!

BA 360 Showghi 

Exam-Cram #3: check back

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Do NOT miss our incredible exam-cram workshops for his ONLINE exams! Our reviews have never been better. We are ON it! Hope to see you there!

Get into the review and get everything sorted out. Hope to see you there. Reservation required.

MORE: We are experts in preparing SDSU students for their BA360 exams. We have covered Showghi for around 6 years now (around 50 reviews completed for his exams so far and our reviews keep getting better and better). 

BA360 Raafat

Exam-Cram #3: Invite Only

We have covered Raafat for 28 years!!! Crazy. This review will be outstanding... We will cover EVERY single subject that will be on Raafat's ONLINE exam. We have helped thousands of students score HIGH on his exams! THOUSANDS! And these reviews have never been better!  Come join us for an incredible review, you do NOT want to miss it. PERFECT scores for our group is all we care about! Please make a reservation in the boxes above. See you there!

Make Your Life Easier and SCORE HIGHER!

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