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  MIS 301 Spring 2023  

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"Thank you for your review in MIS 301. I do not know what I would have done without your review as I knew very little walking in. Great news, I got almost the highest grade in the class. Thank you. I will for sure be back for exam 2"

 -Actual Student


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MIS 301 O'Byrne

Exam-cram workshop #3: Check back...

Don't mess around, jump on our texting list. GET INTO THIS REVIEW... Don't settle for a B, C, or D on the exams. GPA's matter! Hope to see you there.

Bring a TI83/84 to workshop... We have a bunch here in a box you could borrow if needed.

After covering O'Bryne for over 10 years, our exam-crams are now flawless! We cover all his favorites! We also help with the Discussion Board Problems you have to turn in (as a courtesy to our regulars).

Join our texting list for this class by sending your info in the above text boxes (goes directly to our email).

BRING A TI83 or TI84 for ALL our workshops! We have 10 of them left for $49. AND we buy them all back. Or we will just lend you one for the review only.

Join us for this outstanding exam-cram workshop getting you perfectly prepped up for this exam! It's all set. Do not worry. We got this! If you MUST score high, join our small workshop. We have reviewed ALL his docs and videos and will cover exactly what he says to know for this exam! Dumb it all down and spoon feed it to you, bite by bite! (Need a TI83 or 84 calculator). We have a box of them here for $49 each and we buy back for $49 at end of the semester! Or just bring one. Also, there is an i-phone app TI83X that we hear works fine. Exam-cram workshop located on our very large deck. Includes pizza, drinks, and snacks. 

Located in the SDSU College Area at our facility at 6784 El Cajon Blvd. Suite K, 92115 (half mile from SDSU), directly across from Bank of America. 

EMAIL us at the top of this page to be added to our exam list. We are experts at getting people high grades on O'Byrne exams. Have covered O'Byrne for over 10 years.

NEED a TI83 or 84 calculator....


MORE: WE HAVE TI83/84 calculators in stock for $49 each in case you need one. We buy them back for $49. We can "lend" you one for the review.

MIS 301 Shaul

Exam-cram #3 workshop:  Check back...

Send us your info in the boxes above so we can add you to our texting list. Then we will let you know the plan! Don't mess around, jump on our texting list.

The Shaul exams are "sick" with all sorts of issues. We will get you sorted out for them. Hope to see you there. We also help with the harder homeworks (later in semester, as a courtesy). 

Covering ALL his favorites. Will be very helpful for the exam! Hope to see you there! 

Perfect Scores is the whole entire point. Period. Nothing else will do. Our secret: learning everything to a very high level.



General Information: This review will be PERFECT... Hope you can make it! We help with those Excel homeworks too! And our exam-crams are excellent. WARNING, he has hundreds of exam questions in his bucket... your exam will be very different to "your friend's" exam... do not take chances... get into our workshop where we will  cover it ALL.

MORE: Join us for our Shaul exam super-review where we will dumb down all of the exam material to the dumbest possible degree and spoon feed it all to you. Mike has performed over 100 super-reviews for Shaul exams. Mike is a world-wide expert in getting students totally ready for the Shaul exams. Mike has two separate note-takers in the class and Mike has already started going through all the notes, and other important info in order to make this review as perfect as possible. DO NOT miss this review! At the end of the semester, around 50% of the Shaul students will end up with C's, D's, and F's.  MANY students have to repeat this class. Its true. Do not settle for this nonsense! Get into this review and score high on this exam. Join our text list at the top of this page (phone #, name, class).

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