Fin 325 Spring 2021    

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Finance 325 is an incredibly hard class. But over the years we have had tons of success in preparing our students to score high on these exams. We keep improving these reviews to make them even better. We are constantly coming up with new shortcuts and tricks to simplify the complex ideas throughout this course. You will LOVE this review. Don't miss it.

FIN 325 Tang

Exam 1 Check Back

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Note: Bring a financial calculator, TI83/84 (preferred) or BA2+

MORE: We will cover EXACTLY what Tang says will be on the exam, and we will dumb it all down for you. We will perfectly cover all his favorite concepts and calculations, and walk you through it all with greater understanding and cool shortcuts, ready to shred this exam. We have all notes and all documents. We have a notetaker in this class. Relax. We got this. You will be fully ready to answer concept questions and calculate the required math functions, etc. Our students of course will score the very highest in the class. (as usual)

NOTE: This is the last class you have to take in order to get into the capstone finance class (423) and graduate. Don't mess around, you must score above a C just to get into 423. 

Join us for this fun review where we will dumb down this material to the dumbest possible degree and spoon feed it to you. Hope to see you there.

FIN 325 Song 

Exam 1 Check Back

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MORE: We are EXPERTS on these exams. We cover every single concept and problem that you will need to know for the exam, so you will walk into the classroom ready to shred the exam. Hope to see you there - please make a reservation above. 

Make Your Life Easier and SCORE HIGHER!

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