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 Chem 100 Spring 2024 

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We keep a texting list for each class and teacher. A few times per semester we send out a text regarding when our exam review is and occasionally other info such as extra exam questions, etc. Join our text list by sending us your info above. All info is kept private and at the end of the semester, we simply delete all text lists.

SDSU Chem Dept.: We are BY FAR, the best Chem tutors in San Diego County and SDSU is lucky to have us available to help their students achieve a higher level of understanding, and perform better in their classes and their careers. Some in the Chem dept. have reached out to us to compliment our efforts! (and we appreciate that). We are extreme experts in the exam material and we get our students ready for their chem exams by perfectly explaining the concepts and calculations. Together we work through and learn the exam questions to a very high level. We have countless thank-you emails from both students and parents thanking us for helping students achieve high scores in Chem 100. 


We are east on Montezuma Rd., one block passed Ralph's, and directly across from Bank of America. We do a perfect exam-cram for the exam AND our homework helper system gets your homework done in 30min or less!

Chem 100: 

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MORE GENERAL INFO: We love Chem. We are EXPERTS in Chem100. We have helped hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of SDSU students score in the top of the class for Chem 100 (even non-science majors). We know how to do EVERY problem and we will dumb it all down for you at this review. We will get you totally prepared for the exam.

Our review includes all materials, drinks, snacks, etc., and the best expert exam-cram live instruction in San Diego. NO Powerpoint slides! We just cover the exam material the old fashion way. Together we go over the most likely exam questions to show up on the exam. This class is TOUGH, the exam average is LOW. Don't miss our PROVEN reviews and score higher in this class! Freshmen: Ask around campus about A+ Review. You will find that most of our past student regulars will HIGHLY recommend our workshops to you. Other universities do not have an A+ Review center... but SDSU has the best exam-cram workshops on the planet right down the street. Why not take advantage of our amazing workshops? Don't risk it. Score high in this class. Period. No excuses. At the end of the semester 50% of students will be stuck with Cs, Ds and Fs and some may have to retake this course, don't let this happen to you! Join us. 


"After your review for exam #2, I got an A! Thank you so much!" - Fall 2018 student, name on file in our office

"Just wanted to say "amazing review". It was awesome how much I understood. Thank you." - Lauren Spring 2018

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