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Chem 200/202 Spring 2024

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SDSU Chem Dept.: We are BY FAR, the best Chem tutors in San Diego County and SDSU is lucky to have us available to help students achieve a higher level of understanding, and perform better in the classes and their careers. Some in the Chem dept. have reached out to us to compliment our efforts! (and we appreciate that). We are extreme experts in the exam material and we get our students ready for their chem exams by perfectly explaining the concepts and calculations. Together we work through and learn the exam material to a very high level. We have countless thank-you emails from both students and parents thanking us for helping students achieve high scores in Chem 200. 

ATTENTION: Did you test-out of Chem100? If so, you are in danger of not doing well in Chem 200. We have determined that many students that never took an entire semester of Chem100 do not have all the fundamentals needed for Chem 200 at SDSU. Not to worry. Get into our exam-cram workshop for the Chem 200 exam and we will get you all set up for everything you need to know to do well in Chem 200.

Chem 200/202 

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Fun-Fact: We have helped thousands of SDSU students prepare for their Chem exams. We are the number one college based test-prep company in San Diego county for  a reason. We get RESULTS. What we typically hear after our workshop: "Wow! I learned more tonight than I did in the last 4 weeks of class! You guys are awesome. I will definitely be back for your next workshop!" Yup. We hear this all the time and we are proud and honored to help so many SDSU students in chemistry. Try us and find out for yourself how good we are at dumbing down chemistry and getting students ready for their exam! (Over 150,000 SDSU students have come through our doors since the year 2000!)


We are super experts on this exam material. We know all of this material perfectly and we know how to dumb it all down and spoon feed it to our students. Limiting Reactants? Acid/Base Neutralization? Calculating Concentrations? Do not worry! We will dumb it all down for you and spoon feed it to you in small bites! Do not take chances. Get into our amazing exam-cram review, learn the material perfectly, and score high on the exam. Then high-five on the way out of the exam and throw a big party Saturday night. Call your parents with the great news. You will be glad you attended our review. We are here for you. No other university in California has A+ Review for Chemistry. Take advantage of our 5-star tutoring session. RESERVATION SUGGESTED for this review... (top of the page, first name, cell number). Hope to see you there.


NOTE: The bottom line is that our students LEARN the material to a very high level. That is the absolute fact... Then, no matter what the exam looks like (easy, medium, hard) it does not matter because our students as a group perform better than the students who do not attend our review. A grad student did a thesis on this and proved that fact with hard data and statistics. Our students as a group generally score higher overall than the group that does not attend our review. Our secret is that (while we do use various short-cuts, tricks, and tips)... the fact is that we perfectly TEACH the material and our students LEARN the material to a higher level than other students learn the material. That is the ultimate reason why our students score higher on the exam. And the fact that our students LEARN the material to a higher level and achieve higher scores on the exams benefits SDSU and the State of California. PERIOD.

We are asking the chairman of the chem dept. to hand deliver us an award for perfectly tutoring more SDSU chemistry students than anyone in history. Make the award out to "A+ Review, Greatest SDSU Chem Tutors in History". Thank you.

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