MIS 180 Fall 2020           

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In MIS 180, over 60% of the students will earn C's, D's, or F's. Don't settle for that nonsense. Get into our super-reviews this semester. Walter has been helping SDSU MIS 180 students score high on their exams for over 6 years. Walter is a MIS 180 genius. Join Walter as he dumbs down the exam material to the dumbest possible degree and spoon feeds it all to you. Then, walk into the exam and kill it. Then, have a big party to celebrate and call your parents to share the good news. Also Walter offers AMAZING help with the assignments, etc.

MIS 180 Judge

Exam #1: Check back for review date.


We have covered Judge for many years and we will get you completely ready to shred this exam. While Judge's exams are extremely challenging, our students score the HIGHEST in the class. We go over all of his favorite exam topics and questions. You do NOT want to miss it. We got you covered. Hope to see you there!

MIS180 Oregon

Exam #1: Something THIS week! 

CHECK BACK, putting something amazing together!

We will dumb down all the concepts and calculations that you need to know for the exam so that you can score high. You will LOVE this exam-cram review. Hope to see you there. Reserve OR just show up at the door. Join our text list at the top of this page.  SEND US YOUR INFO AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE!!

MIS 180 Tyler & Jawad

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