Fall 2021 


December Finals

Let A+ Review help keep you on track!

Join us for the December final exams! We have a huge staff here ready to help you prepare for the exams. We do not cut corners... our students learn the material to a very high level and then naturally score high on the exams. Join us! Please reserve for finals!!

FALL 2021: Expect our entire staff to put together excellent 5-star exam-cram workshops for all the classes we do! Count on us to assist you this Fall!


Our exam-cram workshops the day or two before your exam are designed to put OUR students at the top of the class. Our homework system gets the homework done in 29 minutes or less.


We help both freshmen and transfer students STAY IN SCHOOL AND EXCEL! Period. We have helped over 50,000 SDSU students succeed. We are the #1 college-based tutoring center in California. Join us to make your life easier!

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APlusSDSU@gmail.com (also, the boxes just below↓  go directly to this email!)


619-589-9900 (usually in office in the M-Th, afternoons)

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   Fall 2021 Exam-Crams  

Live in PB/MB during junior/senior year!!

A+ Review Schedule, Summer 2021

...we will be doing 5-star IN-PERSON exam-cram workshops this Spring. We will follow the protocols and we will be "in-person". NO ZOOM! (unless it's absolutely the only possible way... but we are greatly trying to avoid the mindless nonsense of Zoom! Stay tuned.)



HOW OUR MAGIC WORKS: We have 5 experts working behind the scenes to make these exam-cram reviews as perfect as possible. (Our in-class notetakers provide us with all the information as to what will be on the exam.) We use FULL-TIME EXPERTS, not part-time tutors!  We analyze blackboard materials, handouts, quizzes, in-class notes, PPT slides, and what the prof says will be on the exam. Then we carefully create an excellent exam-cram review and present it to our students in a small-group workshop format to help our students score as high as possible on their exam. We do NOT use PPT slides! We use thick black markers and white-boards. This old fashion method of learning really works. Hope to see you this semester. We are going all-out to help our students take all the top grades in the class as usual.

Be sure to visit La Jolla Shores often!

We are an SDSU Academic Community Supporter! (our goals align with SDSU's goals!)

1. We help increase the success rates of incoming freshmen and transfer students! 

2. We clearly help increase SDSU graduation rates by effectively tutoring SDSU students for their exams at our high-quality intensive workshops.

3. We help reduce student anxiety by suggesting effective test-taking strategies and good study habits.

4. We mentor and motivate SDSU students to achieve greatness in their college years and beyond.

5. We cost SDSU and Sacramento nothing for our incredible efforts helping their students!

 A+ Review for SDSU 2021 

We are the #1 College-based Exam Prep in San Diego!

One or two nights before the exam, we offer a small group, exam-cram (exam-specific) review workshop. We are experts on the exam material and we dumb it all down and spoon feed our students the exam material. Through our enrolled note-takers, we figure out everything that our students need to know to score high on their exam and we present it all to our small group at our exam-cram workshop. We are located close to campus! 

The SDSU campus is beautiful!

  Academic Excellence 

We are dedicated to Academic Excellence in everything we do. That includes our teaching style, materials, and mentoring of our students. We encourage our students to set high goals for themselves in all aspects of their lives. "Reach for the Stars!" is an example of something we promote. We support a clean and ethical lifestyle, urging our student to stay grounded and focused on their graduation goal. We have 100's of thank-you cards!

PARENTS CAN NOW PAY! We have added a "Parents Page". It is a very popular feature. Using PayPal, your parents (or anybody) can pay for any of your reviews. Just remember to bring your ID so that we can verify that you match your PayPal name when you arrive at the review.


You don't need to have a PayPal account to use this feature, any credit card will work! Paypal just PROCESSES the card. No Paypal account is needed!

PROVEN FACT: The A+ Review students as a group perform significantly better than the students as a group that do not attend our exam-cram reviews. An SDSU grad student did their thesis on this topic to confirm this fact with extensive scientific research. Simply put: our students as a group consistently score the highest in the class! (of course they do!)

We do NOT use Powerpoint slides! We actually TEACH the material at our workshop with thick black markers on huge white boards. Its a LOT of work for us but this old fashion teaching style really works! Once again: our students LEARN IT AND EARN IT!

NOTE: GOOGLE PROBLEM: When you search on Google, it may give you links to old pages from months or years ago. Ugh! ... so make sure you the either click on our HOME PAGE and/or hit REFRESH... to get our latest page for THIS week. Lots of broken GOOGLE links we are trying to fix.

Our number one question is: How do you pay?
Answer: Use Cash, Check, or Card... just pay at the door. We take all credit and debit cards... at the door. (although parents like to pay on our PayPal page on behalf of their child (but NO PayPal account is needed... PayPal just PROCESSES the card only, no PayPal account is needed at all, no PayPal account is needed!!)

ADDRESS: 6784  El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA  92115

From the SDSU campus,  head east on Montezuma Rd. to the very end of that road. Turn left. We are two blocks down on the left side, across the street from the Bank of America. We are one mile east of campus, just past Ralphs and Pep Boys.

Knick Knacks:
LOCATED: 6784 El Cajon Blvd, 92115... From SDSU... go 1 mile EAST (away from beach) on Montezuma Rd. to the very end (at Ralphs), turn left. We are 1 block down on left side (directly across from Bank of America). If you ride your bike over here... just wheel it into the back of the room when you get here.

RESERVATIONS: No reservation required (usually), you can just show up at the door. DURING THE VIRUS, RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! Sometimes in bigger classes and also towards the end of the semester... we may fill-up. So reservations (first name, phone #) are sometimes required. Just fill in your info in the boxes on the appropriate page if you wish. Also, once in a while a review time will slightly change (for example, review start-time may rarely start an hour later or something like that... we text message everyone on the list. If you are not on our list, we can't text message you!

SDSU Profs: Don't ask your prof about A+ Review (some don't like us for some reason. There are some that LIKE us.) We help people LEARN the exam material VERY well. And at no cost to SDSU or the taxpayers! Amazing. Some profs resent that we help their students ace their exam. Why you ask? Ask a psychologist... there are many theories. The bottom line is that it is best not to mention the words "A+ Review" to your profs. Some will just loose it on the spot and shout at you! (We have many stories!)

Air Conditioning: Our Air Conditioning is always running so bring a jacket! (No, we will not turn off the AC... always runs... even in the winter! We need the fresh, purified air being pumped into the room) "Hi, Can you turn down the A/C?"  "No".

We have excellent AC equipment including a very expensive UV light filter system that kills germs and purifies the air! This same system is used in hospitals!!

Food & Drink: No smelly foods (So no Doritos, Fritos, Corn Nuts). Other stuff is FINE. We have a snacks table. We have a drinks fridge. We serve baked pizza!

Bring: We provide all materials. We provide pencils. Bring a calculator if you have one. TI83/84 seems to work best.