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  Chemistry Courses Spring 2024  

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SDSU Chemistry Profs:

Hi from Mike and Sarah (SDSU Alums) ... We are probably the BEST Chemistry tutors in the State of California. We LOVE getting SDSU students ready for their Chemistry exams. We have a ton of fun coming up with short-cuts and tips to help. For example: did you know New Orleans second district has a horrible Nitrite problem... NO2-. What do you think? Pretty fun right? We love this shite. Well as you and us both know, there is no substitution for old fashion hard work getting YOUR Chem students trained up for the exam and beyond. Its our honor to help out as best we can. The bottom line is that we spend 6 or 7 hours with your students helping them LEARN the material as best we can. That's a GOOD thing, right? Let us know if you have any questions. Its an HONOR for us to help prep your students for their chem exams... AND BEYOND!!!    Sarah & Mike.

PS: When Chemistry profs bad-mouth us, that damages our good reputation, something to keep in mind. Students bring us recordings and we monitor Blackboard.

STUDENTS: We are on the student's side. Join us for our exam-cram super-reviews and score higher on your exams.

Our #1 goal is for our students to score the highest in the class on each exam. It's pretty simple. Our students need to understand every problem and every concept that your prof wants you to know for the exam. It is our job to take our students to this higher level of understanding. THEN, our students walk into their exam and shred it. Having helped thousands of SDSU students prepare for their exams, you can trust A+ Review to get the job done. Join us.

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We keep a texting list for each class and teacher. A few times per semester we send out a text regarding when our exam review is and occasionally other info such as extra exam questions, etc. Join our text list by sending us your info above. All info is kept private and at the end of the semester, we simply delete all text lists.

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